Even as the seven rejoiced when Zerubbabel laid the foundation of the Lord�s temple, so did we rejoice when seven destitute children came to live at the newly established Home of Love in 1993. Still in its infancy, the Home of Love now houses 60 girls, with 15 more, some orphaned by the tsunami disaster, being added in 2006.

Our vision is to raise at least 1000 girls in succeeding years, teaching each and every one of them to be strong Christian women and continue to impact the prevailing culture with and through the love of Christ.

Our tri-fold vision:
  • To House At Least 1000 Disinherited Girls
  • To Expand Our Educational Charter (Private Christian School)
  • To Establish A Vocational Training Center

In an earnest effort to partner with God, the Home of Love is a humble effort to reach out to �the least� and the lost. We believe every child, regardless of wealth or social standing, deserves the God-given right to succeed. We want to give them that opportunity.

Our mission is to:
  • Provide a loving family environment under the protective, affectionate and directive care of a committed staff.
  • Instill Christian character and values, impressing upon them self-confidence, self-worth and personal dignity.
  • Teach �Holistic Excellence� through Christian and academic education.
  • Impart basic job skills,provide vocational training, and teach technical skills to the older children in the Home of Love and neighboring villages.