The home of love, Fully Human Fully Alive:
Most of the girls come from a cultural background which blames their status of poverty and lower caste birth to the law of retribution based on their previous form and conditions of existence. This makes most poor people totally resigned to fatalism, pessimism and hopelessness. Unless cared for in a safe environment like the Home of Love, most of these children will be at risk and end up someday in the streets either as lifelong beggars or even worse, as child prostitutes. It is an alarming possibility! We are determined to protect these children of God from such potential dangers and provide them with the best and holistic growth opportunity in a Christian environment by way of:

Inculcating in them foundational evangelical Christian values such as social, ethical and spiritual through private schooling at the Providence (Residential) School.
Enabling them to cultivate from early childhood a strong sense of dignity and self esteem in a society polluted by the socially stigmatic caste and communal discrimination;
Helping them discover all the gifts and potentials God has bestowed on them;
Preparing them for the competitive future where they will need to find a suitable profession and establish a beautiful family and home of love

The primary vision for the Home of Love is to share the love of Jesus through holistic education. Almost all the children that come to the Home come from non-Christian backgrounds. But on a daily basis at the Home, they are being exposed to Christian values and character such as love for God and for the neighbor, service to one another, honesty, humility, courtesy, gentleness, hard work, discipline etc., and are being brought up in responsible civility and citizenship.

The girls at the Home of Love are constantly motivated and encouraged to embrace dignity and self esteem as their birth rights. A lot of self-confidence is being instilled in each child and this indeed will make a huge difference in her life as she grows up. We have already begun see manifestations of such sense of confidence, dignity and self-esteem among the grown up girls.

The Home of Love is all about providing an opportunity for these children to emerge as the kind of women God intends for them. So we affirm: “Opportunity delayed is a life crippled; Opportunity denied is a life destroyed.” The Home of Love provides a unique opportunity for these beautiful girls to blossom and grow in an environment that will help them become “Fully Human and Fully Alive” in Jesus Christ.